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SIMPACT Immersive Learning


Making Virtual Training Reality

Bridging the gap between classroom and career through simulated trainings.

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a student uses a virtual reality headset

Imagine being able to “practice” your career before starting a new job. Now imagine getting real time feedback from your peers and an expert in your field. That’s exactly what’s happening at CSUN in 14 courses in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education and across six different departments. The SIMPACT Immersive Learning (CSUN Simulator) program uses avatars to simulate real time interactions with parents, colleagues and classrooms, giving students the opportunity to practice classroom management and direct instruction, conduct parent conferences, participate in IEP meetings, and more.

The use of SIMPACT Immersive Learning in the classroom allows students to test their skills in what resembles a live interaction, but gives them the ability to pause at any moment to obtain valuable feedback from their peers. Students report that the SIMPACT simulator is more effective and realistic than traditional classroom role-play, helping to bridge the gap between classroom and career. CSUN is only the 13th university to have this innovative technology in place, giving more than 1,500 students the unique opportunity to practice their craft.

CSUN is a service provider of the SIMPACT simulator, meaning it can be “rented out” to other universities, creating revenue to help fund its use in additional courses. Your support to this area will enable this successful program to continue, enhancing more student learning experiences across the university.