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a teacher instructs a student inside her classroom

The National Teachers Hall of Fame describes teaching as "our nation's most important profession." Only five teachers nationwide are selected for induction to the National Teachers Hall of Fame each year. In 2018, Bradley Upshaw ’88 (Credential) received the honor.

Erica Lundy MA ’15 (Elementary Curriculum and Instruction) teaches in a classroom where 11 different languages are spoken. President Barack Obama named her the science recipient for Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Isela Lieber ’00 (English), MA ’02 (Educational Administration) teaches English Language Development to mostly immigrant high school students. As a first-generation graduate, Lieber hopes to inspire her students to pursue higher education. She was one of five California Teachers of the Year in 2016.

These are only three of the exceptional graduates of CSUN's Michael D. Eisner College of Education. As one of the largest public colleges of education in California, CSUN students receive leading-edge pedagogy, infused with the principles of social justice and inclusion. More than that, graduates of CSUN’s Eisner College view themselves as life-long learners, prepared and passionate about encouraging young minds.

Our nation needs teachers like Upshaw, Lundy and Lieber, but tuition costs are prohibItive for some. CSUN's Eisner College awards approximately $70,000 in scholarships each year. Unfortunately, that equates to only two percent of its 1,300 students. The likelihood of student loans and debt may deter or prevent the best and brightest applicants from pursuing a degree or certificate from CSUN's Eisner College.

Your investment in teaching scholarships is an endorsement of its recipient. Receiving a scholarship is more than funding relief for a student — it’s a validation of their worthiness as a future educator, school counselor, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, early childhood specialist, Deaf and Hard of Hearing educator or administrator; it’s an investment in our next-generation.