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Cal State Northridge Writing Project


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Improving writing and learning for all learners.

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The Cal State Northridge Writing Project provides teachers of early childhood through university with professional development, resources and research to improve the teaching of writing and learning in schools and communities. The program develops and sustains leadership, resulting in educational reform and improvement.

As a professional home for educators' continued learning, the Cal State Northridge Writing Project holds an annual four-week Invitational Summer Institute that focuses on writing instruction for an intimate group of K-12 teachers from all disciplines. Participants then become Teacher Leaders upon completion, perpetuating and expanding professional learning opportunities in the region.

Other opportunities for Teacher Leaders to present and share their expertise on various topics include the annual Write to Literacy Conference, Saturday seminars, book groups and advanced institutes. CSUN Teacher Leaders have worked with eight different schools or districts in the community to improve writing and thinking for all learners.

Your gift supports a vision that every person can become an accomplished writer and engaged learner. Funding provides reduced fees for participants of the Write to Literacy Conference, expands programming opportunities for the Cal State Northridge Writing Project and allows for additional people to attend the Invitational Summer Institute. You support fuels the improvement of learning in our community.