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Incoming Freshman Scholarships


A Trajectory of Success

Empowering the completion of education through a sustainable and reliable source of funds for students.

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The College of Engineering and Computer Science is committed to attracting the best talent in our future students. For prospective students, securing the right financial resources can mean the difference between the best and brightest students choosing CSUN or other universities who are also competing for them.

The Incoming Freshman Scholarship aims to incentivize these students to choose CSUN and establish them on a trajectory for lifelong success by providing funds to cover the cost of attendance at CSUN. This award is renewable as long as the awardee maintains minimum GPA and units enrolled.

Many of our students are first-generation immigrants, first in their family to go to college, or low-income, meaning limited financial and family resources. Many of our students need to work while they are attending school. These factors severely impact our students' ability to successfully complete their degrees in a timely fashion. By removing financial barriers, our students are able to focus more exclusively on their studies. This translates into higher and faster graduation rates.

Your gift to the Incoming Freshman Scholarship will ensure our students have a sustainable and reliable source of funds to empower the completion of their education.