a man speaks to a woman and her son at an event

Funds for New Faculty


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Giving faculty opportunities to stay current and ahead of research trends.

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a man speaks to a woman and her son at an event

Everything at the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) is done with students in mind. That applies as much to research opportunities and projects as it does to its carefully selected faculty.

In collaboration with 70 students and colleagues at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), faculty members Sharlene Katz, James Flynn, Adam Kaplan and emeritus professor David Schwartz designed and constructed a small satellite that tested a low-temperature energy storage system. This exciting confirmation of an energy storage system paves the way for future missions to explore the outer solar system and beyond. Twenty students from this project now work at JPL on future missions.

It’s examples like this that make CECS faculty so unique to CSUN. Students receive hands-on learning experiences with leaders in their field, often resulting in award-winning national and international competition recognition. For faculty to keep their knowledge current in their field of expertise, they must produce cutting-edge research and publications. Attracting and retaining these dynamic faculty require making strategic investments in their work.

The college must continually recruit new expert faculty in their fields whose research will attract grants and increase the university’s reputation. Private funding allows faculty to pursue research opportunities and maintain industry relationships by funding travel to conferences and workshops, supporting sabbaticals, allowing the purchase of equipment and supplies as needed, and supporting student assistants who work on research projects and run experiments.

The contributions of CECS faculty reach far beyond the university. They help students achieve their career aspirations, and impact industry, benefitting the region and beyond. Your gift preserves CSUN’s intellectual capital, allowing CECS faculty to advance ideas and inspire generations.