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The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) is known for its spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship found in its five departments, four centers and wide variety of programs. The bedrock for the college’s success is its faculty, whose deep commitment to students can be measured by award-winning competitions, faculty and student research partnerships, and connections with industry leaders. Putting students’ academic success at the core of the college results in graduates who are highly sought after by industry, eager to apply their skills toward solving the world’s greatest challenges.

To design, deliver and continually improve highly effective programs for our students, we must be able to seize opportunities that strengthen the college’s reputation and expand innovative initiatives. The Dean’s Fund allows the dean to be a pacesetter, staying ahead of evolving needs and pursuing new programs as they arise.

CSUN is no longer a state-supported institution; rather, it is state-assisted. In an era of dwindling state funds, it has become increasingly necessary to seek private investments from alumni and business partners to help the university and the college sustain the high academic standards required of engineers and computer scientists. Gifts to the Dean’s Fund allow the college to direct funds into its highest and most urgent priorities. These may include: student scholarships or travel to student conferences and competitions; the recruitment and retention of superb faculty; support of research projects, new academic and student enrichment programs or experiences, technology upgrades, new curricula, facility improvements, invitations to nationally known speakers and more.

A gift to the CECS Dean’s Fund is a commitment to innovation. Help the college continue to innovate its programs and research, ensuring students are ready for the complex global challenges that await them.