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“The CSUN Innovation Incubator provides students with guidance and expert advice so they can apply entrepreneurship and innovation skills to solve problems they really care about,” says Tim Tiemann, managing director of the CSUN Innovation Incubator.

The CSUN Innovation Incubator helps students turn business ideas into marketable products and programs, resulting in successful enterprises. Students receive comprehensive and tangible feedback on their mature ventures, including mentorship from professionals with experience developing start-ups. This level of direct interaction with business mentors provides students with a real-world understanding of what it takes to launch a new innovation, something that’s hard to produce in a classroom setting.

Although the Incubator resides in the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, it’s open to all students, encouraging the exchange of diverse ideas from all backgrounds. The Incubator currently has a temporary home, but in order to increase effective collaborations among students, mentors and professors from across disciplines, a dedicated facility is required.

A two-story incubator facility is planned to provide students with the tools, resources and guidance needed to advance their venture. Featured in the building will be a variety of production equipment, 20,000 square feet of co-working and meeting space, a loading dock and materials storage, production space for incubated companies as well as private meeting and conference rooms.

CSUN students are encouraged to seek answers to tough problems and supported to do so in a nurturing and collaborative environment. The Innovation Incubator facility will be a permanent home that enables students to pursue their dreams in such a setting.

Your support may be the gift that launches the next business venture, started at the CSUN Innovation Incubator.