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Today’s global marketplace moves at a rapid pace, ever-evolving with technology that transforms industry on a daily basis. To keep pace, one must be nimble and adaptive to change. The Entrepreneurship Program at CSUN’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics prepares students for just this kind of environment.

Being an entrepreneur means understanding there can be many solutions to the challenges facing today’s businesses and having the confidence to test theories. The Entrepreneurship Program complements students’ thirst for knowledge with the fundamentals required to lead and succeed in a constantly shifting landscape.

The program features a recently launched undergraduate minor and a concentration in the MBA program in entrepreneurship. These new academic programs provide a strong foundation for students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors as well as expert support and guidance from various disciplines on campus. The minor in entrepreneurship gives undergraduates opportunities to network with prominent industry leaders who volunteer their time as guest speakers, mentors and judges at pitch competitions.

Funding allows CSUN to recruit top academic faculty and students to the program. Endowed faculty fellowships in entrepreneurship solidifies CSUN’s commitment to provide students with real-life experiences as faculty members play key roles as connectors to industry leaders. Outstanding faculty are thought leaders, dedicated to impacting students in their chosen fields.

Support for student scholarships contributes to a diverse and vibrant learning culture and in turn attracts the next generation of top students. Scholarships enable students to pursue passion projects, make a deeper impact across campus, and graduate with less financial burden.

Your gift is an opportunity to elevate students’ and faculty’s impact as business leaders who shape Los Angeles and the world.