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Why does entrepreneurialism matter? “It provides you with a new way of thinking,” says Dolores Shelton, PhD, business strategy and international management. “Whether it’s a new business or an initiative within an existing business, it gives you the skills to look beyond what is to see what can be.”

Centers are an important link between students and the community, delivering real-world experiences and access to industry thought leaders to students. CSUN is home to two entrepreneurial centers that support the theory and practice of entrepreneurship while providing services to small businesses and innovators in the community. These partnerships enhance the entrepreneurial curriculum for students, preparing them to provide value to society with their business ventures.

The Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and Entrepreneurship in the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics creates meaningful opportunities among students, faculty, and the business community to network and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience in small business and entrepreneurship. Alumni are encouraged to participate as guest lecturers, panelists at center events, judges at business plan competitions and mentors. Led by a distinguished faculty, the Wells Fargo Center supports academic and applied research that advance entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Ernie Schaeffer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship housed in the College of Engineering and Computer Science was created to intentionally weave entrepreneurship and innovation into the engineering curriculum. Students and faculty are encouraged to explore the intersection of engineering, technology and business through international research collaborations, a dynamic curriculum, business plan competitions, team-building events, and an innovation conference.

Your gift to support CSUN’s Community Innovators promotes research in the entrepreneurship domain that is translated into applicable practices for students. It also allows for important connections between students and faculty with the entrepreneurship community. Gifts to CSUN’s Community Innovators supports faculty and student research, academic activities, conference travel and student competitions.