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A 3D printer prints out an object at the creation hub.

Imagine a space where all students can create, innovate, collaborate and turn ideas into prototypes. This place fosters artistry and ingenuity, empowering students to be the architect of their imaginations. As the hub of innovation on campus, the CSUN Creative Maker Studio is no longer a dream, it has become reality.

CSUN is committed to inspiring students to be bold thinkers and innovators. This kind of creativity doesn’t always happen in a traditional classroom. The CSUN Creative Maker Studio (CMS) encourages a free exchange of ideas and hands-on learning that results in students turning their ideas into prototypes and models.

The CSUN Creative Maker Studio is fittingly housed in the University Library, where students from all disciplines gather to learn from and inspire each other. It features multiple 3-D printers, a recording studio, imaging tools, high end video equipment, a full suite of design programs, laser cutters and more. The space allows students to use expensive equipment and software at no cost.

The next exciting invention may very well come from a CSUN student with an insatiable curiosity and inquisitive mind. The CSUN Creative Maker Studio is the place needed for that student to test theories and design tangible projects. Your gift to support the CSUN Creative Maker Studio fuels the next big discovery.