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College of Health and Human Development

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College of Health and Human Development

The College of Health and Human Development prepares its students to lead in a profession that’s expanding rapidly. The global field of health and human services is responsible for improving our environment, from the atmosphere in workplaces to the water and air quality of our planet.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

Empowering the College of Health and Human Development to stay ahead of evolving needs. Read more about the Dean's Fund.

Life-Changing Adaptive Therapy

Empowering people with disabilities and physical limitations through adapted physical therapy. Read more about the Achievement Fund.

Water Safety and Education

Providing training in and around the water. Read more about the Aquatic Center and Castic Lake Fund.

Nurture Children and Teachers

Educating our communities’ children and their future teachers. Read more about the Child and Family Student Fund.

Choosing a
Healthy Life

Giving communities powerful tools in the fight against obesity. Read more about Marilyn Magaram Center Fund.

Helping More People Say I Love You

Providing the community with comprehensive therapy for communication disorders. Read more about the Language Speech and Hearing Center.

Creating Highly Skilled Nurses

Nursing students gain confidence and skills learning and working at the Sim Lab. Read more about the Nursing Sim Lab Fund.

Move More to Improve Your Life

Empowering people to improve their health through fitness and movement. Read more about the 3 WINS Fitness Fund.

Beyond the

A display of talent, dedication, passion and creativity on one stage. Read more about the Fashion Show Fund.