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Educating our communities’ children and their future teachers.

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When your child is enrolled at the Child and Family Studies Center (CFSC), also known as the "Lab School," they receive an education that is focused on the unique growth and development of the “whole child,” cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively. They’re nurtured in an accredited early-childhood program that promotes active learning and focuses on positive interactions with each other and their teachers. Located on CSUN’s campus, the Center promotes problem solving, exploration and experimentation that encourages children to question, hypothesize and think.

The CFSC is also an instructional unit and research laboratory, promoting practice in teaching and the professional growth of CSUN students, faculty and staff. The CFSC’s primary mission is to instruct and train university students to work effectively with young children and their families. Students bring fresh ideas to teaching by observing and studying child development and behavior.

The Center acts as a study and research site for university faculty and graduate students participating in developmental and behavior research of children. This important research contributes to improving competencies in providing for children’s needs.

Founded in 1965 as a Head Start program, the principles embraced by the CFSC have extensive educational outreach into our communities. CFSC staff abides by the code of ethics established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to enhance the quality of life for young children. The Center advocates for and supports the rights of children to live and learn in environments that are responsive to their individual developmental needs.

Your support of the Child and Family Studies Center provides an opportunity for CSUN students to understand early childhood learning and development, fueling the field with powerful research. It also supports families and children by providing a safe, nurturing environment. Funds expand the Center’s reach and reduce waiting lists.