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a lake at CSUN universityLos Angelenos are always seeking new and environmentally friendly ways to get around town. Bike and scooter shares are wildly popular modes of transportation, but according to a 2018 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 20 individuals injured per 100,000 e-scooter trips taken during a three-month period. How do you know which streets are bike, scooter or pedestrian friendly? 

Enter the Department of Urban Studies and Planning in the College of Social and Behavioral Studies. Street safety and pedestrian mobility are just some of the topics studied by students. Recently, students from the community based design course completed a site analysis for assessing the current pedestrian and bicycle friendliness of the streets around a local middle school to improve mobility in the area. In fact, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning is the only program at CSUN that focuses explicitly on the contemporary city in the United States.

Funds for this area allow more students to attend professional conferences, workshops, field trips and other off-campus activities that enhance their hands-on experience in the field. Funds also support the department’s Alumni Scholarship, established by alumni and awarded to a student majoring in Urban Studies and Planning who demonstrates meaningful service to one or more of the following areas: fellow students, campus-based student organizations related to planning, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, the CSUN campus community, and/or the Northridge community at-large.

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