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Sociology Student Sucess Fund


Understanding the World Around Us

Support today’s critical thinkers who help us understand the world tomorrow.

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The world needs more trained professionals to study and solve the complex problems facing urban America and the world. The Sociology department at CSUN’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences prepares these future leaders.

The Sociology department is the third-largest on campus with nearly 1,700 majors, attracting a diverse student body, the majority of whom are the first in their family to attend college and 66 percent are from low-income families. As a major economic contributor to Los Angeles and beyond, CSUN has a responsibility to ensure student success today so they can contribute to a better world tomorrow.

The Sociology Student Success Fund rewards academic achievement by providing scholarships and funding for students to conduct research and attend conferences. The fund also supports professional development including a graduate seminar titled, “What can I do with a BA in Sociology?” Funds are also allocated to graduate students who participate in the qualitative and quantitative poster contests held each semester.

Your gift can make the difference in a student’s academic achievements. Gifts to the Sociology Student Success Fund go to 20 students scholarships of $5,000 each awarded on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and service to the community. Your support recognizes and rewards the hard work of Sociology students today who will lead the conversations and understanding of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.

Our world requires a better understanding of human behavior. Your gift supports the critical thinkers committed to it.

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