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The Division of Student Affairs

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The Division of Student Affairs

From the minute a student walks onto campus for the first time to the moment they walk across the stage to receive their diploma, the Division of Student Affairs is there to guide and inform student success. The Division of Student Affairs advances the mission of the university by enhancing student learning and personal development, encouraging social and civic responsibility, and promoting student well-being and success.

Get the Most Out of College

Student success depends on high-quality and diverse experiences. Read more about the Vice President’s Fund.

The Power to
Be You

Showing all members of the CSUN community respect and inclusivity. Read more about the Pride Center Fund.

The Choice of
Food or Tuition

Nourish the CSUN community with food and basic necessities. Read more about the CSUN Food Pantry Fund.

Make the Right First Impression

Building students’ confidence one professional outfit at a time. Read more about the Matty's Closet Fund.

Building a Home Away From Home

Giving foster youth an opportunity to thrive at CSUN and beyond. Read more about the Resilient Scholars Program Fund.

Investing in
Student Success

Helping students overcome financial hardships so they can pursue academic excellence. More about the MataCare Emergency Grant Fund.

Our Veterans Deserve Our Best

Serving our student Veterans on their pathway to graduation. More about the Veterans Resource Center Fund.

All Students Deserve to Have Opportunity

Supporting all CSUN students to pursue their passions and dreams. Read about the CSUN Dream Center Fund.

Behind Every Gift Is a Student's Future

Ensuring the excellence and diversity of our student body. Read more about the University Scholarships Fund.