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University Library

It’s a gathering place for students to exchange ideas and a portal to explore other cultures, places and times through its physical and electronic collections.

Intellectual Curiosity Nourished Here

Fueling the intellect of students, faculty and the community. Read more about the University Library Excellence Fund.

Ensuring the Library’s Promise

Supporting the library’s services, collections and resources for all to enjoy. Read more about the Friends of the University Library Fund.

Mapping our Past, Planning the Future

Preserving and expanding the map collection at the University Library. Read more about the University Library Map Collection Fund.

Protecting the Past to Inform the Future

Digitizing important collections for the world to access. Read more about the University Library Digitization Lab Fund.

Putting History on Display

Preserving a photographic look into the diverse communities of Southern California. Read more about the Tom and Ethel Bradley Fund.

Recognizing Student

Recognizing hard-working student employees with scholarship support. Read more about the Student Scholarship Fund.

The Next Big Idea
Starts Here

Turning dreams into reality by cultivating innovation. Read more about CSUN Creative Maker Studio.

Making History Accessible

Digitizing history for future generations here at CSUN. Read more about the Jewish Collections Fund.