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Daniel Bustos

Daniel Bustos transferred to CSUN because he had heard about the flexible evening class schedule allowing students to work and participate in extracurricular activities and campus life. He knew he’d have to work, but he was also interested in participating in the Business Honors Association. With an expected graduation date of December 2020, Daniel has achieved what he set out to accomplish, having maintained a near-perfect 4.0 GPA, becoming President of the Business Honors Association (2018-19), holding down an internship and a part-time research position, and receiving multiple scholarships.

“Being a scholarship recipient is both rewarding and humbling,” said Daniel. “I’m so grateful to the donors who made my education possible. It’s amazing to see the alumni who come back and establish scholarships to help the next generation of college students.”

Like Daniel, many CSUN students know they'll have to balance a part-time job and academics to afford college. Some may also need to work to contribute to their family. The students who face the greatest financial challenges are also the ones who benefit the most from higher education.

“My scholarships helped me work less and devote more time to my studies,” Daniel said. “It freed up some time so that I could be involved on campus. It allowed me to give my all without having to stress about solving my financial needs.”

Scholarship support sends a powerful message to a student and their family. It underscores the donor’s belief in a student’s promise, often motivating the student to push through challenges with the knowledge that someone outside of their family is willing to support their goal of a college education.

Empower a student in the Nazarian College of Business and Economics today with the gift of an annual or endowed scholarship. Your gift helps students like Daniel complete their education and launch their careers without worrying how to finance it.