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Matty's Closet


Make the Right First Impression

Building students’ confidence one outfit at a time.

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Confidence is key when interviewing for a job. Often, the way we feel about ourselves increases our confidence level. Having the right professional outfit for an interview may mean the difference between being hired or being shown the door. But excessive costs of tuition, food, rent and transportation, can make the purchase of a quality professional outfit cost-prohibitive for many students.

Thankfully, there’s Matty’s Closet, an on-campus clothing resource for students in need. Matty’s Closet offers wardrobe advice for that next interview or first-day jitters as well as a free complete professional outfit with pieces such as a shirt, skirt, pants and tie. Students may obtain one full professional outfit per semester to help them look and feel their best.

Most clothing is generously donated, but private funds help purchase additional clothing pieces that are needed. Funds are also needed for dry cleaning, advertising to students about the availability of clothing and to the community about the opportunity to donate.

Help students make a winning first impression on their future employer. Give to Matty’s Closet and give students a confident wardrobe that complements their CSUN education.