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Senior Class Gift 


Matadors Helping Matadors

Join the CSUN tradition of graduating seniors helping future Matadors.

Give to the Senior Class Gift

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Seniors often experience mixed emotions when preparing for graduation. Excitement and pride for accomplishing academic goals, combined with a dose of sadness about leaving CSUN and the experiences enjoyed as students behind. However, your connection to CSUN is only just beginning.

The Senior Class Gift is a CSUN tradition and your first opportunity to leave your legacy on campus. Every program, club, extracurricular activity and experience you enjoyed as a student received some private funding from those who came before you. Now it’s your turn to provide for students, ensuring they enjoy similar opportunities.

Funds raised by the Senior Class Gift provide direct support to students through campus initiatives such as the CSUN Food Pantry, MataCare Emergency Grant Fund and CSUN alumni services that help young alumni during their first five years post-college.

Last year, the graduating class raised over $40,000 in support, and no individual gift was more than $20. Every gift, no matter the amount, counts. Your gift to the Senior Class Gift has the power to impact future students’ experiences, just as it did yours. Once a Matador, Always a Matador.