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50-Year Class Gift


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Matador Statue

CSUN Founders’ Day is an opportunity for the university to recognize some of its first graduates. Known as Valley Staters, your group helped set a standard of excellence for years to come.

Since 1970, 49 graduation classes have followed, continuing to innovate and change the region, state, country and the world. Now in 2020, the world has changed. A global pandemic has created challenges unlike anything our students have seen in their lifetime. Who better to recognize how global challenges can impact students than your group.

The late 1960s and into the 1970s was one of the most difficult periods in the last century. But as you know, challenges created opportunities. And the Matadors of 1970 put their heads down, focused on a goal, were supported and mentored, and used their Valley State education as their springboard to success.

This is a perfect time to help create opportunities for our current Matadors. An annual tradition of Founders’ Day is the 50-Year Class Gift. Each year, inductees to the 50-Year Club donate to raise as much money possible for their alma mater and students.

Despite turbulent times, our students' goals remain. But many need support to reach those goals. Many have lost jobs or have families experiencing financial strain. Many students need funding to adapt to new technology. Some simply have basic needs, like food or housing. And CSUN is already experiencing budget cuts unseen in years.

This year’s 50-Year Class Gift is an important one. Let’s raise as much money as possible for our Matador students.