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Latin Alternative Radio HD3


Breaking Barriers in Music

The country’s first nationally syndicated public radio show, hosted in English, specializing in Latin rock, funk and electronic music.

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The web, social media and streaming have expanded opportunities for people around the globe to enjoy the Southern California sounds of 88.5 FM. In addition to main FM programming, we maintain a digital channel devoted to Latin Alternative artists and music. The Latin Alternative HD3 brings one of the most diverse and cutting-edge genres of Latin alternative rock, funk, Indie Pop, Hip-Hop, SalSoul and electronic music to the world at LatinAlt.org.

The Latin Alternative Radio HD3 channel also serves as teaching labs for students interested in careers in radio, broadcast media, sound engineering and the music industry. Growing our digital services is a key strategy for the future that will require investments in staffing, engineering and content development.

Realizing this vision requires passionate music connoisseurs who recognize the important role this unique format plays in the region to invest philanthropically in the station.

Southern California and the world deserve more Latin Alternative music. Your support leads the way.