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Delivering new, local and legendary music in a one-of-a-kind format on the Southern California radio dial.

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The new 88.5 FM hosted by Sky Daniels

Turn the dial to any radio station in the Los Angeles region and you’ll hear various tried-and-true chart heavy formats: rock, soft rock, alternative, jazz, oldies, country and so on. For something different, tune to the Independant 88.5 FM, where musicians, avid music connoisseurs and music lovers come for new music discovery.

The Independant 88.5 FM celebrates music with a mix of contemporary and legacy artists that range from Adele to Led Zeppelin. The station fills more than 50 minutes an hour with new and independent music, providing Southern California with both revered and emerging artists. You’ll find weekday and weekend radio programs hosted by knowledgeable and celebrity DJs. You won’t find heavy commercials and pledge drive interruptions.

To accomplish this, the Independant 88.5 FM maintains recording facilities and highly trained technicians to capture performers at their best. These moments of magic are shared with our audience via broadcast and digital platforms, as well as limited-release 88.5 FM sampler CDs. In an era of standardized playlists and corporate-controlled programming, the New 88.5 FM delivers content that only an independent outlet can provide.

In addition, a partnership between California State University, Northridge, and Saddleback College expands the Independant 88.5 coverage area to include a potential audience of more than 11.5 million listeners in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties — serving as the most influential platform on the FM dial for new and local music.

Realizing this vision requires sophisticated music connoisseurs who recognize the important role the Independant 88.5 FM plays in the region and nationally to invest philanthropically in the station.

Funds allow the Independant 88.5 FM to provide a one-of-a-kind format, featuring independent records and cutting-edge releases, as well as live, in-studio sessions and interviews with legendary and emerging artists. It also helps retain talented production staff, invest in recording technology and distribute music that the world needs to hear.

Southern California deserves better music. Your support leads the way.