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The ideal Tseng College of Extended Learning candidate is one who asks themselves, “What’s possible?” These are the doers, the innovative thinkers, the high achievers who want to take the next step in their career whether they’re just starting out or midcareer. Those are the people that Tseng College of Extended Learning attracts—and designs its graduate degrees, certificates and other educational programs around. Many of the college’s educational experiences are offered fully online, empowering students to advance their knowledge on their own schedules. Programs often unite students from around the globe and are taught by the same faculty and practitioners as the university’s on-campus programs.

Moreover, Tseng College of Extended Learning works directly with CSUN faculty from across disciplines as well as with industry practitioners to custom-design programs that provide solutions for those organizations’ ever-evolving challenges. In doing so, Tseng College produces graduates ready to make an immediate impact in their field.

To design, deliver and continually improve highly effective programs for our students, the college must be able to seize opportunities that strengthen its reputation and expand innovative initiatives. The Dean’s Fund empowers the Tseng College of Extended Learning to stay ahead of evolving needs and pursue innovative programs that address the changing needs of the economy.

Gifts to the Dean’s Fund allow the Tseng College of Extended Learning to direct funds to its highest and most urgent priorities and respond to the demands of professional practice. The dean may also direct funds to support student scholarships, recruit and retain superb faculty, enrich academic and student programs or curricula, upgrade technology and more.

Your gift answers the question: What’s possible? Tseng College of Extended Learning makes it possible for its graduates to advance in rapidly growing fields. Your support allows them to take the next step.