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Whether it's marine biology, stem cell research, climate change, cancer research or pharmaceutical breakthroughs, the contributions made by the College of Science and Mathematics at CSUN have a direct impact on the welfare of our society and Earth’s sustainability. Students and faculty continually ask complex questions that lead to innovation and discovery. It’s no wonder the university had the highest percent increase in publication rates among research institutions in North America, putting it in the Top 25 ‘Rising Stars’ listing selected by the premier scientific journal, Nature. CSUN was the only CSU and one of only two state universities in North America to achieve a top 25 ranking.

To maintain its commitment to creating new research and life-long learners capable of assuming leadership roles in an ever-evolving global economy, the college must remain relevant and competitive.

The Dean’s Fund allows the dean to be a pacesetter, staying ahead of evolving needs and pursuing new programs as they arise. It allows the dean to invest in highly effective programs for students, like the college's commitment to combining classroom teaching and hands-on research with faculty mentors. It also allows the college to seize opportunities that strengthen its reputation and expand innovative initiatives.

CSUN is no longer a state-supported institution; rather, it is state-assisted. In an era of dwindling state funds, it has become increasingly necessary to seek private investments from alumni and business partners to help the university and the college sustain the high academic standards required of scientists and mathematicians. Gifts to the Dean’s Fund allow the college to direct funds into its highest and most urgent priorities. These may include resources to support student scholarships or travel to academic conferences and professional meetings, recruiting and retaining superb faculty, research papers and projects, new academic and student enrichment programs or experiences, technology upgrades, new curricula, facility improvements and more.

A gift to the College of Science and Mathematics Dean’s Fund is a commitment to innovation and discovery. Help the college continue to innovate its programs and research, ensuring the well-being and advancement of society.