a student and faculty member speak at an event

Faculty Research and Development


Preserve Our Intellectual Capital

Advancing the knowledge base of faculty, benefitting the region and beyond.

Give to Faculty Research and Development

a student and faculty member speak at an event

The College of Humanities prepares students for fulfilling lives and careers in the 21st Century. The training students receive depends on faculty who serve as links to industry through their networks and academic research.

To keep knowledge current, faculty must produce cutting-edge research and publications. CSUN is committed to attracting and retaining dynamic faculty who produce relevant and thought-provoking research that attracts grants and earns honors and awards. Our award-winning faculty increase the college’s reputation and appeal to prospective students.

The college provides faculty with opportunities to conduct research and maintain industry relationships by funding travel to conferences and supporting research sabbaticals. Private funds allow faculty to pursue their passions and advance their knowledge base, which is passed on to students in the classroom.

Your gift ensures that the College of Humanities attracts and retains the highest caliber faculty for our students. The thought leadership of CSUN faculty reaches far beyond the campus. It impacts industry and the economy, benefitting the region and beyond. Preserve CSUN’s intellectual capital with a gift that enables our college’s faculty to further their work and inspire generations.