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Centers and Institutes

Developing, growing and sustaining deeper engagement with the community and building on existing university strengths, CSUN’s centers and institutes foster and facilitate the knowledge, experience and talents of faculty and students to address current and emerging global issues.

Life-Changing Adaptive Therapy

Empowering people with disabilities and physical limitations through adapted physical therapy. Read more about the Achievement Fund.

Choosing a
Healthy Life

Giving communities tools in the fight against obesity. Read more about Marilyn Magaram Center Fund.

Our Veterans Deserve Our Best

Serving our student veterans on the pathway to graduation. Read about the Veterans Resource Center Fund.

All Students Deserve to Have Opportunity

Supporting all CSUN students to pursue their passions and dreams. Read about the CSUN Dream Center Fund.

CSUN sets the Standard in Sustainability

Our planet depends on our sustainability practices. Read about the Institute for Sustainability.

The Power to
Be You

Showing all members of the CSUN community respect and inclusivity. Read more about the Pride Center Fund.