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The College of Humanities touches every student in the university in multiple courses, from First Year Writing and Critical Thinking to upper-division General Education, delving into a wide variety of issues. The study of Liberal Arts, which is at the heart of the College of Humanities, prepares students for global citizenship and social responsibility in a rapidly changing world. 

Today, employees are likely to change jobs at least six to 12 times during their career. The College of Humanities prepares graduates to be successful in each step of their employment trajectory by helping them develop transferable skills that will be relevant and useful across multiple career paths. 

To design, deliver and continually improve highly effective programs for our students, we must be able to seize opportunities that strengthen the college’s reputation and expand innovative initiatives. The Dean’s Fund allows the dean to be a pacesetter, staying ahead of evolving needs and pursuing new programs as they arise.

Gifts to the Dean’s Fund allow the college to direct funds to its highest and most urgent priorities. These may include resources to support student scholarships, recruiting and retaining superb faculty, new academic and student enrichment programs or experiences, technology upgrades, developing and implementing new curricula, facility improvements, and more.

Gifts to the College of Humanities Scholarship Fund send a powerful message to students and their families. It underscores the donor’s belief in a student’s promise, often motivating the student to push through challenges with the knowledge that someone outside of their family is willing to support their goal of a college education.

Empower a student today by donating to the College of Humanities Scholarship Fund. Your gift helps students complete their education and launch their careers without worrying how to finance it. Behind every gift is a student’s future.

To learn more about how your gifts to the College of Humanities Dean’s Fund and Scholarship fund will be matched, visit the Matador Match Challenge site.