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March 13 - 16, 2024

Our Men's Basketball team has made it to the 2024 Big West Basketball Championship! Join us as we cheer on our Matadors in Nevada!

Location: Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada

Not Available
Registration for this event is now closed. If you have questions or will be unable to attend, please contact CSUN Alumni Relation at (818) 677-2786 or email cheryl.mcmillan@csun.edu.

Our Women's Basketball team did not qualify this season for the 2024 Big West Basketball Championship. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for the Women's sessions, please contact Isaiah Thompson at isaiah.thompson@csun.edu.

For more information about the Big West Basketball Championship: https://bigwest.org/documents/2023/12/5/2024_Big_West_Basketball_Championships_Ticket_Brochure.pdf?id=5761

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