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Artists play music at a concert hall

In the not too distant past, if you wanted to see the Royal Scottish National Orchestra play in Southern California, you had to sit in hours of traffic to attend a concert in downtown Los Angeles. The price of such a world-class performance might be the cost of an entire season’s pass to the theatre.

The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts has changed all that by making the San Fernando Valley a top destination for music, theater, dance and family entertainment. Not only can you find exceptional talent in your own community, but also donor support keeps each event affordable and accessible.

Over the last eight years, The Soraya has become the intellectual and cultural heart of the San Fernando Valley, attracting global artists to its venue and delighting Southern California residents. Among the 50 multidisciplinary performances showcased throughout a season, is the Music Knows No Boarders series, a deliberate promotion of different cultures through music. This series has increased the reputation of the Soraya and the representation of international artists who bring their talent and personal stories to the stage.

CSUN is committed to its public mission of preserving art forms for all to enjoy, but can only do so with the help of enthusiastic supporters who agree that the region deserves the finest music, dance, theater and family entertainment at reasonable prices. Your gift helps bring world-class talent to our community.