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The Soraya Endowment Fund


Preserving Our Future

Ensuring the venue’s legacy for the next-generation of artists, concert-goers, students and residents.

Give to the Soraya Programming Fund

Artists play music at a concert hall

In just eight years, the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts has secured its place as a cultural jewel and award-winning performing arts center. With nearly 50 performances a year from artists around the globe and a broad range of innovative arts educational programming, The Soraya is dedicated to leveraging the power of the arts to enlighten and unite our community.

Your gift to support the endowment helps secure the future of The Soraya so it may continue to serve the next generation with the same level of dynamic artistry and arts education that has quickly become synonymous with the venue. Your investment today is an endorsement of the vibrancy of performing arts, which has the power to inspire, elevate, connect and transform.

Your support of the endowment ensures The Soraya can continue to deliver its commitment to the arts and our community for years to come.